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AAaaaaaarggggghhh! I’ll tell you what re­ally gets my goat (skin) is that for a long time now we’ve all turned Amer­i­can and tom toms have be­come rack toms or rack drums, bass drums have be­come kick drums and our cym­bals have be­come our choice of META L! What is wrong with our tra­di­tional Eng­lish terms? Tom toms, bass drum, cym­bal, drum skins. Try and say ‘rack tom’ in an Amer­i­can ac­cent! It sounds like ‘rec­tum’! Point taken? Rant over. Great read ev­ery month. Cheers! Andy Wheeler, Warwick We know what you’ re say­ing, Andy, but you have to ad­mit that some­times our Amer­i­can cousins do have a clar­ity in their lan­guage that ex­plains just what and where things are .‘ Dish soap’ in­stead of ‘wash­ing up liq­uid ’, for ex­am­ple, makes more sense tous.So,a‘rack­tom’de­scribesatomthatis(of­ten) rack-mounted, hence it’ s found its way into UK Eng­lish us­age too… When it comes to words like ‘kick’ and‘ me­tals ’, in our de­fence here on Rhythm we write so many words about drums ev­ery month that sim­ply to avoid re pe­ti­tion, we need a good breadth of vo­cab­u­lary–hence nec­es­sary synonyms like‘ sticks man ’, be­cause there are only so many times you can write the word‘ drum­mer’ ev­ery month…–CBu

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