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If the travel kit revo­lu­tion of the last few years has caught your eye but you’re yet to find a kit that’s truly ‘por­ta­ble’, per­haps DW ’s award-win­ning LowPro Travel kit ticks the right boxes? The unique set-up is avail­able in three- (10", 13" and 20") or four-piece (10", 13", 12" and 20") con­fig­u­ra­tions con­sist­ing of US-made, all-maple, 9-ply DW Per­for­mance Se­ries shells in White Ma­rine or Black Di­a­mond fin­ishes. A cool ‘bi­pod’ stand en­sures the bass drum and mounted tom are sta­ble, while a mod­i­fied DW 6000Ul­tra­light stand (avail­able with the four-piece) is the per­fect part­ner for the 12"Snom (snare/tom hy­brid). A rol­lable case, sold sep­a­rately, is ideal for trans­port­ing your tiny kit to and ■ from per­for­mances.

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