Play­ing The Part

Big­gin On Play­ing Phil Gould and Gary Hus­band’s Dr um Parts with level 42

Rhythm - - INTERVIEW -

“There are cer­tain fills you have to do off these tunes,” says Pete. “I know what Phil did on the records and I know what Gary did on the records. I’ll pay homage to them and do the fills that are in there, even splash­ing on the ‘1’ that Gary does on a tune, I’ll do it be­cause it was him but you have to be you. No­body likes a clone. I al­ways find it hard to re­ally copy drums be­cause of my ADHD. I’ll try to copy a fill ex­actly and half­way through, my mind will start wan­der­ing and it’ll be­come my own fill, which kind of works out cool. Peo­ple get at­tached to cer­tain things on the records so they want to hear them. [Key­boardist] Mike Lindup will al­ways play a sim­i­lar solo in cer­tain songs be­cause that’s what peo­ple sing along to. But also, be you.”

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