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Nail­ing that tech­nique

I have been an avid reader of Rhythm since Jan­uary 2015. Af­ter mov­ing from Chile to make Lon­don my home, I dis­cov­ered the mag­a­zine in an air­port shop and set up a sub­scrip­tion right away. My two favourite sec­tions are the drum­mer in­ter­views and the drum lessons. They fuel my in­spi­ra­tion and mo­ti­va­tion, al­low me to ex­pand my knowl­edge and keep me busy prac­tis­ing. In the Jan­uary is­sue (2015), Jojo Mayer was pre­sent­ing his sec­ond DVD fo­cus­ing on foot tech­nique. One of the things he un­der­lined is that tech­nique is only a means to an end, and what’s re­ally im­por­tant is to be able to ex­press mu­si­cally in the drums – tech­nique shouldn’t be a bar­rier to achieve this. I be­lieve it would be of tremen­dous ben­e­fit to us read­ers if you could ded­i­cate a les­son to fo­cus only on tech­nique, like moeller stroke ap­plied to double strokes, flat foot tech­nique, heel toe ap­plied to dou­bles on kick, etc. It would make it eas­ier to ap­proach the rest of the lessons, which some­times can be a bit tricky, and re­quire the drum­mer to dom­i­nate a cer­tain tech­nique (double stroke on the kick, triplets on the kick, splash­ing the hi-hat, you name it!). It would help beginner drum­mers like me learn some­thing new, and ex­pe­ri­enced drum­mers re­view their cur­rent tech­niques. Thanks for your hard work and ded­i­ca­tion to drum­ming, you have def­i­nitely helped me im­prove and en­joy the world of drum­ming!

Fran­cisco Ro­jas, via email

Thanks Fran­cisco–that’ s ac­tu­ally not a bad idea. I think a lot of drum­mers may have heard of Mo ell er, Glad stone and other tech­niques, but might not re­ally know how to ex­e­cute them. And these tech­niques were de­vel­oped by great drum teach­ers to help drum­mers play bet­ter. So it’ s cer­tainly time were vis­ited some of these key tech­niques–watch this space! – CBu

Top Ten

Thank you so much, Pete Ri­ley, for your ex­cel­lent 10 Min­utes To Bet­ter Drum­ming fea­ture in the April is­sue. As al­ways your tech­nique fea­tures are re­ally well-thought out. I like to think of my­self as not a beginner or pro but some­where in the mid­dle with my abil­ity, so I was able to start with the beginner which I then fol­lowed by go­ing on to the in­ter­me­di­ate lessons. The more ad­vanced lessons will be more of a chal­lenge and I’m go­ing to be stretch­ing my­self over the next few weeks with these. But def­i­nitely the lessons I’ve fol­lowed so far have helped me; be­cause they’re quick ex­er­cises to do, they make for per­fect warm-ups in my longer wood shed­ding ses­sions, or some­times if I’ve only got half an hour to prac­tise, they are just the job. The more you prac­tice and stretch your­self with new con­cepts, the bet­ter you find your play­ing next time you come back to it – so well done Rhythm on con­sis­tently giv­ing us so much good ma­te­rial to work through!

Simeon Mon­dac, via email

Thank you Simeon, that’ s what we aim for–to be a re­li­able and ex­cel­lent source of drum ming tu­ition to help you be­come bet­ter drum­mers, what­ever your level of pro­fi­ciency, or even com­mit­ment. You maybe a ca­sual‘ hob­by­ist’ drum­mer or a work­ing pro, if we can help you achieve a level of drum ming that you want to reach, we’ re happy !– CBu

shuf­fling along nicely

I know ev­ery­one loves John Bon­ham… but, I just have to say hav­ing sat down to learn Good‘ Times Bad Times’ on the disc… wow. Again, wow. Those foot triplets, so cool! And this was Led Zep­pelin’s FIRST al­bum! It was re­ally in­ter­est­ing too that only the sec­ond and third par­tials are ac­tu­ally be­ing played, what an il­lu­sion! Thank you so much for an­other great play­a­long tu­to­rial, and learn­ing Bon­ham licks re­ally, re­ally, re­ally never gets old!

Adam Par­sons, via email

We have to in­ject a lit­tle Bonzo into Rhythm now and again be­cause we get with­drawal .‘ Good Times Bad Times’ is one my per­sonal LedZep favourites and demon­strates Bon­ham’ s in­ven­tive­ness and flair. We’ re al­ways look­ing for great drum tracks (new and old) that we’ ve never done as play along tracks be­fore, so feel free to sug­gest tracks you’ d like to see Pete Ri­ley break­down for you !– CBu

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