Boost your tech­nique with these mod­ern genre fu­sions

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This month is all about en­com­pass­ing a rock feel within a dance/elec­tro con­text. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean four-to-the-floor pale im­i­ta­tions of a rave groove! This cross­over genre is broad nowa­days, and although some might say it has a funky feel, there is more uni­for­mity to it than free-styling funk..

Ex­am­ple 1 fea­tures a four-bar groove that holds steady quar­ter notes on the ride bell with the first back­beat dis­placed to the ‘2-&’. The real twist here though is the left hand dou­bles played on the hi-hat that are sneaked in at the end of bar one, and that cross­over into bar two. Ex­am­ple 2 is more dis­ci­plined with a half-time groove that is stead­ied with 16th-note hi-hats. This ex­am­ple is fin­ished with a hi-hat/snare combo cross­over fill. Ex­am­ple 3 con­tin­ues the half-time feel with an ex­plo­sive groove that ‘swish-swashes’ be­tween the crash and china. The dot­ted kick-drum pat­tern is com­ple­mented with the left hand that ghosts in be­tween and this pro­vides an al­most sub­lim­i­nal amount of tech­nique that can eas­ily go un­no­ticed in such a solid groove. This is the key to get­ting this right: us­ing tech­nique in a classy way rather than abus­ing it with re­lent­less show­boat­ing!

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