a trio of Zildjian K Sweet cymbals worth £1,323!

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When cym­bal giant Zildjian launches new prod­uct they don’t do things by halves, and the NAMM-fresh K Sweet range is no exception. Bridg­ing the gap be­tween Zildjian’s clas­sic K and more mod­ern A se­ries’, the K Sweets of­fer play­ers dy­namic and ver­sa­tile sounds with a dark, mu­si­cal and, you guessed it, sweet tone that’s ideal for every­thing from acous­tic bal­lads to rock and every­thing in be­tween.

There are cur­rently nine cymbals in the K Sweet range, each fea­tur­ing a tra­di­tional fin­ish, deep lath­ing (some mod­els fea­ture un­lathed bells) and tra­di­tional K ham­mer­ing. Be­fore you go think­ing they might not be your bag, these cymbals have been seen on the kits of drum­mers as var­ied as chop­smith Eric Moore and Un­deroath’s big hit­ter Aaron Gille­spie.

This month we have a stun­ning trio of K Sweets to give away, com­pris­ing a 19” crash, 21” ride and a pair of 16” hi-hats. For your chance to win this clutch of pre­mium met­als, head to­jianKSweet­Comp and an­swer the ques­tion be­low.


Betwee n 2013 and 2016 Un­deroath’s Aaron Gille­spie toured with which Ten­nessee pop rock band? A) All Time Low B) Good Char­lotte C) Paramore

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