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New to Ian’s drum­ming? Get sta rted with this playlist …

‘Club Foot’ From Kasabian, (2004) Kasabian’s de­but al­bum opener came charg­ing out of the gates, im­me­di­ately stamp­ing Ian and Chris’ author­ity as a rhythm sec­tion not to be messed with. ‘Club Foot’ put Kasabian on the map and is still a mas­sive live favourite. ‘Pro­cessed Beats’ From Kasabian (2004) Kasabian’s third sin­gle and one of the first tracks Ian recorded with the band. ‘Pro­cessed Beats’ could have come straight out of 90s Manch­ester scene and fea­tures a dry, funky, break­beat-in­spired groove ‘Shoot The Run­ner’ From Em­pire (2006) The bouncy, tom-led ‘Shoot The Run­ner’ is one of Em­pire’s stand­outs. Ian’s driv­ing four-to-the-floor rhythm and tum­bling fills from the bridge through to the close are a key in­gre­di­ent. ‘Sw arfiga’

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Asy­lum (2009) Prov­ing you never know when light­ning will strike, ‘Swarfiga’ emerged from a sim­ple stu­dio sound­check. The in­stru­men­tal track lets Ian’s play­ing shine, high­light­ing his deft touch and abil­ity to cre­ate ten­sion with a sin­gle beat. ‘Fire’

From WestRy­derPau­perLu­natic

Asy­lum (2009) You won’t find any drum gym­nas­tics on ‘Fire’, but it’s still one of Kasabian’s most pop­u­lar tracks. The catchy cho­rus ben­e­fits from Ian’s straight twos and fours and off­beat hi-hat stabs. ‘Days Are Forgotten’ From Ve­loci­rap­tor! (2011) Yet another ex­am­ple of Ian tak­ing charge from be­hind the kit. The mid-tempo dance groove rarely breaks, giv­ing the Falsetto ‘aaaaahs’ and catchy gui­tar riff a sturdy bed to an­chor to. ‘Sw itc hblade Smile’ From Ve­loci­rap­tor! (2011) The chopped-up beat sounds like Bonzo on ‘Im­mi­grant Song’ and adds rocket-fu­elled propul­sion to the song. It sounds big­ger live when Ian brings in his mon­strous 18" floor tom. ‘Bum­ble­beee’ From 48.39 (2014) When record­ing ‘Bum­ble­beee’ Ian was clearly chan­nelling John Bon­ham through his groove and fills, as well as the wide open drum sound on this track. A real rock and roller. ‘Come­back Kid’ From ForCry­ingOutLoud (2017) The fat Mo­town-style snare stabs show off the stu­dio-readi­ness of the Bri­tish Drum Com­pany pro­to­types Ian took into the ForCry­ing OutLoud ses­sions.

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