5/4 four-way co­or­di­na­tion

Open-Handed Four-Way Co­or­di­na­tion in 5/4

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Last is­sue we ex­plored some four-way co­or­di­na­tion ex­er­cises, which were in 5/4 and in an eighth-note triplet rate. This month we con­tinue the theme but turn our at­ten­tion to 16th notes. The groups of five en­tail play­ing three notes; the first, third and fifth notes of five notes, ac­cent­ing the first and third notes. When played through 16th notes it will re­peat four times in one bar of 5/4. This can be seen in Ex­am­ple 1.

In Ex­am­ple 2 we in­tro­duce our first co­or­di­na­tion chal­lenge where the right hand now plays a bro­ken 16th-note rhythm with the groups of five in the Rhythm left hand. - 2 8 Even 2 with only two limbs this is a chal­leng­ing piece of co­or­di­na­tion so the right hand could be sim­pli­fied to eighth notes at first. In the video the left foot is step­ping quar­ter-notes and the bass drum plays beat 1 of each bar.

Next, in Ex­am­ple 3 the left hand moves around the kit play­ing each group of five on a dif­fer­ent drum. The video also in­tro­duces the idea of at­tempt­ing these ex­am­ples open-handed, so mov­ing the left hand to the hi-hats and mov­ing the right hand around the kit. Ex­am­ple 4 pushes the co­or­di­na­tion up another level by in­tro­duc­ing the bass drum fill­ing in the spa­ces in the groups of five, how­ever to make things a lit­tle eas­ier the left hand re­mains on the snare drum. Fi­nally, Ex­am­ple 5 sees the right hand mov­ing back around the kit and with the fi­nal chal­lenge be­ing at­tempt­ing this lead­ing with ei­ther hand.

These are chal­leng­ing ex­er­cises to at­tempt and they aren’t re­ally in­tended to be ap­plied to mu­sic di­rectly. In­stead, they’re aimed a de­vel­op­ing a high de­gree of in­de­pen­dence and sense of syn­co­pa­tion so that when play­ing some­thing less de­mand­ing it should help it to feel rel­a­tively easy and ef­fort­less by com­par­i­son.

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