cre­ative count­ing pt 2

Fur­ther or­ches­tra­tion of triplet sub­di­vi­sions

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Hi ev­ery­one, and wel­come to another Jazz Con­cepts ar­ti­cle, and this month we’re go­ing to look at another ap­pli­ca­tion of last month’s ‘cre­ative count­ing’, in­volv­ing mov­ing eighth-note triplets through sub­di­vi­sions of 2, 3, and 4. We are go­ing to em­ploy a tech­nique of play­ing both hands on sep­a­rate sound sources al­ter­nat­ing with the bass drum. Ex­am­ple 1 shows the tech­nique used on the snare drum and floor tom, in sub­di­vi­sions of two and then three. This makes a nice lit­tle two-bar break in it­self. Ex­am­ple 2 is the sub­di­vi­sions of four, take care over the triplet phras­ing here! This sub­di­vi­sion sug­gests a

Minim (half-note) triplet! Ex­am­ple 3 strings the three bars to­gether, sub­di­vid­ing 2 then 3 then 4, with the hands split be­tween the snare and the toms.

Your Prac­tice Chal­lenge is to play the right hand on the ride cym­bal, keep the left-hand on the snare, and try and in­cor­po­rate some swing to turn this into a three-bar break. If you want to make it into a four-bar phrase, try play­ing the sec­ond bar again at the end, ie: 2 3 4 3 (ABCB).

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