ur­ban metal

Funk up your dou­ble kick moves with these edgy grooves

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We’re go­ing to heavy things up this month and lean more to­wards the metal side of things. Even el­e­ments of metal can be found un­der the rock um­brella nowa­days and fused with some in­ter­est­ing snare place­ments, the grooves can have a nice alt/ur­ban edge to them.

Ex­am­ple 1, for in­stance, favours the dis­placed back­beat again to the ‘2-&’ as used in pre­vi­ous lessons but is ac­com­pa­nied by an ex­cit­ing frag­mented, dou­ble-kick pat­tern. This four-bar verse-type groove is fin­ished off with a dou­ble-kick flow with dot­ted eighth-note snare ac­cents. Ex­am­ple 2 chills out with a half-time 4/4 vibe where eighth-note dot­ted ac­cents are played on the toms to ex­cite the groove more and pre­vent any slug­gish­ness. The en­ergy is boosted fur­ther by a manic ride-bell pat­tern played over the dou­ble-kick flow in bar four. Fi­nally, Ex­am­ple 3 takes things through the roof with a full-on dou­ble-kick flow with re­lent­less dot­ted eighth notes played on the snare that span two bars at a time, un­til bar four where a 16th-note fill takes on a classy or­ches­tra­tion around the kit on top of the dou­ble-kick flow. Now it’s time to put these ex­am­ples into a se­quence…

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