Jake Fog­a­rty

Mile­stones, Teller, My Pro­ject Ghost

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I would de­scribe my drum­ming style as…

“Unique, en­er­getic and pas­sion­ate.”

I use...

“I’ve been an avid Tama and Zild­jian user for the ma­jor­ity of my tour­ing life, and I’m for­tu­nate enough to be en­dorsed by Tama Drums and Vra­tim Drum Shoes. I play a Maple Star­clas­sic Series with a JohnTem­pesta Sig­na­ture Brass Snare. Cym­bals-wise I use 14" K Light hats, 17" A Cus­tom Pro­jec­tion crash, 21" K Cus­tom Dark ride, 19" A Cus­tom Pro­jec­tion crash, 10" Ori­en­tal trash splash and a 20" Ori­en­tal china. I also use aRoland Spdsx sam­pling pad and Shure Elec­tron­ics for mi­cro­phones and other bits.”

The se­cret of play­ing drums well is…

“You have to give it your all – there are no half mea­sures with drum­ming. There needs to be a lot of so­cial lief sac­ri­fice, end­less hours of prac­tice and, most im­por­tantly, you have to play like it’s the last thing you’ll do on earth!”

My first drum set was…

“My first kit was my dad’s plain white Premier, which he handed down to me. It was to­tally beaten up and he’d toured it ev­ery­where, but it did how­ever come with a de­cent set of Paiste 2002s. Given that we lived in a tiny house, we had to be mind­ful of our neigh­bours and to the rest of the fam­ily so we at­tached packs of cot­ton wool pads to the kit to deaden it.It sounded as bad as you can imag­ine, but ul­ti­mately that set-up made me the drum­mer I am to­day.”

Bon­ham is a given, but my favourite drum­mers ever are…

“Grow­ing up I had in­flu­ences from drum­mers such as Ste­wart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Jeff Por­caro. But fo­cus­ing on what’s present to­day, I draw in­flu­ence from peo­ple such as Tony Roys­ter Jr, Eric Moore and my good pal Matt Halpern.”

Self-taught or lessons?

“A bit of both is use­ful,I’d say. I got the ba­sic mu­sic grades down, and I stud­ied and grad­u­ated from the Bris­tol In­sti­tute Of Mod­ern Mu­sic. But for the best part of my 20 or so years play­ing, I’ve been pre­dom­i­nantly self taught.”

What’s the best drum­ming ad­vice you’ve ever been given?

“The best ad­vice would have to be from my dad, which was to ‘make every beat count’. I still ap­ply that learn­ing to my play­ing to­day, every sin­gle time I sit down be­hind a kit.”

What I’m up to right now is…

“Mile­stones are on tour with­Roam and Wolf Cul­ture around the UK in July, play­ing some real in­ti­mate venues. Dates and tick­ets can be found on our so­cial feeds. Mile­stones’ de­but al­bum RedLights is out now through Fear­less Records.”

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