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A must for Copeland fans

It’s been 40 years since The Po­lice (and no­tably for us, Ste­wart Copeland) burst into the scene with Out­landosd’Amour. To say it was a ‘hit’ would be an un­der­state­ment – and to cel­e­brate, the some­time Big­gest Band In The World has reis­sued ev­ery stu­dio al­bum on vinyl. EveryMoveYouMake: TheS­tu­dioRecord­ings com­prises six records: the five stu­dio al­bums and a disc Flex­i­bleS­trate­gies) ( of B-sides and non-al­bum tracks. As well as the mu­sic, you also get a 24-page 12x12” photo book, and the whole lot is neatly pack­aged.

Back to the mu­sic, then, and there are few sur­prises here. You know the al­bums, and these are di­rect reis­sues of each – with one ex­cep­tion: they have been re­mas­tered us­ing the half-speed mas­ter­ing process, de­signed to cut the record in greater de­tail. If your sys­tem is up to it, this should be the best rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Mr C’s time­less parts to date.

While not ex­actly brim­ming with new-old ma­te­rial (much of it is on the Mes­sageInABox CD set) the Flex­i­bleS­trate­gies disc at times of­fers an­other side to The Po­lice that some won’t have heard. It spans the band’s ca­reer, start­ing with their rawer ma­te­rial – with rock ‘n’ roll tracks that dig from the punkier, more ex­per­i­men­tal side of the band’s DNA – be­fore drift­ing to­wards the slicker sound of later-era Po­lice. It’s tes­ta­ment to the trio’s writ­ing abil­ity that songs as hooky as ‘Land­lord’, ‘A Ser­mon’, and ‘Vi­sions Of The Night’ (if you can ig­nore Sting’s vo­cal style) were re­served as B-sides.

There’s not too much in EveryMoveYouMake that you weren’t ex­pect­ing, but as a de­fin­i­tive doc­u­ment of Ste­wart Copeland’s days in The Po­lice, it’s go­ing to make the Christ­mas lists for sure. (SW)

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