Afro-Cuban 6/8

A ver­sa­tile lit­tle groove! Clave,

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This month I’m pre­sent­ing some­thing you can use in mul­ti­ple gen­res and styles, and if you learn the ba­sics of the style, you’ll be able to re­ally get in­side one of the most in­ter­change­able time feels you’ll ever come across: Afro-Cuban 6/8.

We’ve looked at lots of dif­fer­ent Afro-Cuban styles and rhythms in these pages over the last few years; Songo, Cas­cara, Mozam­bique, Cha Cha... and now it’s the turn of the Afro-Cuban 6/8 rhythm in terms of ap­pli­ca­tion and a few kit ideas. This, like any of the above, can be tricky at first, how­ever, the great thing with this is that you will prob­a­bly recog­nise it be­cause it’s a feel that is used in all sorts of styles of mu­sic from all over the world. Try and take some time to ex­plore the 6/8 clave in your own time too.

The im­por­tant thing here is that you ap­proach this slowly, es­pe­cially the more tricky ex­er­cises, and try to lis­ten to some record­ings that use this rhythm and feel so that you can get an idea of the more au­then­tic feel for this rhythm and over­all feel of the mu­sic.

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