Talk­ing about mam­mals ...

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To­day, there are three types of mam­mals on Earth. One is mar­su­pi­als, which carry their off­spring in pouches. Kangaroos and opos­sums are mar­su­pi­als.

Platy­puses and echid­nas are monotremes, which

lay eggs. Like birds, Monotremes only have one body open­ing, for ex­cre­tion, uri­na­tion and re­pro­duc­tion.

The third type of mam­mal – pla­cen­tal mam­mals – are the most com­mon. Hu­mans and an­i­mals such as pre­his­toric rats are pla­cen­tal - they feed their em­bryos via a pla­centa.

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