Rain­bow colours

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Red, or­ange, yel­low, green, blue, in­digo blue, and pur­ple are the colours of the rain­bow, and they al­ways ap­pear in this se­quence, ex­cept from dou­ble rainbows, in which the se­quence is in­verted.

In 1669, physi­cist Isaac New­ton (16421727) ex­plained how white sun­light could pro­duce colours. He di­rected light through a glass prism and watched, as it was re­fracted into a colour spec­trum. White light con­tains all colours, and you can split it up, like when it is re­fracted in a prism or produces a rain­bow. The se­quence is due to light be­ing re­fracted dif­fer­ently – pur­ple light is re­fracted the most, red the least.

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