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Now with even big­ger re­li­gious stat­ues!

1. The top three largest stat­ues ever built are all ded­i­cated to which ma­jor re­li­gion?

2. What anatom­i­cal ob­ject has as many as 14 dif­fer­ent parts, in­clud­ing the cha­laza, vitelline mem­brane and nu­cleus of Pan­der?

3. A large reser­voir of slushy what may have been dis­cov­ered un­der the south pole of Mars?

4. What starts to hap­pen to your per­cep­tion of sound when the vol­ume reaches 120dB?

5. Pas­sen­ger air­craft have round (or rounded) win­dows be­cause what hap­pens to square win­dows at high al­ti­tude?

6. Of the epochal “ages” (Stone Age, Bronze Age etc), which “age” was the Ro­man Em­pire?

7. Wil­liam Gib­son is of­ten cred­ited with start­ing a “re­nais­sance” of re­newed in­ter­est in science fic­tion in the 1980s, with a genre called cy­ber-what?

8. Sahul is a tech­ni­cal ge­o­log­i­cal name (which in­cludes all is­lands and shal­low seas) for which con­ti­nent?

9. Which word comes orig­i­nally from the Greek mean­ing “of bows” and refers to a haz­ardous sub­stance?

10. What did the zep­pelin USS Los An­ge­les re­mark­ably never do dur­ing its eight-year op­er­at­ing life?

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