Which nat­u­ral ma­te­rial is the world’s hard­est?

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Lons­daleite is a very rare type of di­a­mond that ex­ists in me­te­orites and re­sults, when the graphite of a me­teor hits Earth. The heat and pres­sure from the col­li­sion trans­forms the ma­te­rial into di­a­monds which are up to 58 % harder than di­a­monds formed in the usual way. The hard­ness is prob­a­bly due to a more sta­ble atomic struc­ture.


WHERE: The first lons­daleite finds are from a me­te­orite from the Bar­ringer Crater in Ari­zona.

WHAT: Lons­daleite re­sults, when pres­sure and heat from a me­teor strike con­verts car­bon into di­a­mond.

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