Does fast speech in­di­cate higher in­tel­li­gence?

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There is no in­di­ca­tion that fast speech is equiv­a­lent to a faster brain or higher IQ. Stud­ies show that peo­ple who speak slowly com­mu­ni­cate the same in­for­ma­tion us­ing fewer syl­la­bles. By trans­lat­ing a text very ac­cu­rately into dif­fer­ent lan­guages, sci­en­tists have cal­cu­lated how many syl­la­bles dif­fer­ent lan­guages use to com­mu­ni­cate the same in­for­ma­tion. Lan­guages with lit­tle in­for­ma­tion per syl­la­ble are typ­i­cally spo­ken with more syl­la­bles per sec­ond to com­pen­sate. The fi­nal re­sult is the same.

Ac­cord­ing to an­other gen­eral the­ory, peo­ple who speak fast use the flow of talk to think aloud, whereas peo­ple who speak slowly do not start talk­ing, un­til their mes­sage has been worded.


English: 6.19 syl­la­bles/sec­ond – in­for­ma­tion/syl­la­ble: 1.08

Viet­namese: 5.22 syl­la­bles/sec­ond – in­for­ma­tion/syl­la­ble: 1

French 7.8 syl­la­bles/sec­ond– in­for­ma­tion/syl­la­ble: 0.99

Span­ish: 7.82 syl­la­bles/sec­ond – in­for­ma­tion/syl­la­ble: 0.98

Horse race call­ers and auc­tion­eers speak very fast, but noth­ing seems to in­di­cate that they are more in­tel­li­gent.

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