Do clouds shrink when it rains?

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A cloud loses mass when the wa­ter vapour that the cloud con­sists of con­denses into ever larger drops that fi­nally fall to the ground as rain. But usu­ally, the ris­ing flow of warm, moist air that pro­duced the cloud in the first place will con­tinue and con­stantly sup­ply the cloud with new mass. In other words, even though the cloud gives off lots of wa­ter in the shape of rain, it also re­ceives new wa­ter from the moist air, so in to­tal, it does not get any smaller.

Ma­jor clouds such as the cu­mu­lonim­bus thun­der­cloud might con­tinue to rain, af­ter the sup­ply of wa­ter vapour from be­low has stopped, and then the cloud will nat­u­rally be­come ever smaller. Clouds lose mass, when it rains, but ris­ing air sup­plies new mass. So, the clouds do not be­come any smaller.

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