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1. Upon ex­it­ing the wa­ter, the diver took a warm shower and within 10 min­utes he im­me­di­ately noted pro­gres­sive numb­ness and weak­ness of both lower ex­trem­i­ties, which com­menced on the lower left leg and pro­gressed up to­wards the left ab­domen and chest, with grad­ual pain and in­creas­ing dif­fi­culty walk­ing when unas­sisted.

2. There was grad­ual progression of ab­dom­i­nal full­ness with bloat­ing of the stom­ach and pain when uri­nat­ing. 3. Oxy­gen was im­me­di­ately pro­vided on the boat by non-re­breather mask and continued through­out the jour­ney to Coron. The diver was also given oral anal­gesics to help with the pain, al­though they pro­vided lit­tle re­lief. 4. When the call was made to the DAN Div­ing Emer­gency Hot­line, the live­aboard was on its way to Coron. How­ever, due to the sever­ity of the diver’s con­di­tion, DAN wanted the diver to re­ceive a higher level of care, so pro­ce­dures were put in place to trans­port the diver via air am­bu­lance to a cham­ber at Que­zon City in Manila.





The diver was evac­u­ated by air am­bu­lance to Que­zon City, Manila for cham­ber treat­ment

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