Scuba Diver Australasia + Ocean Planet - - Contents - By Ellen Cuy­laerts

At the start of a New Year, an­other in­spir­ing is­sue of

Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET lies in front of you!

It’s al­ways a new op­por­tu­nity to start with a clean slate, to look at the past year and re­flect on what was es­tab­lished and which chal­lenges need more ef­fort.

This is­sue of Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET takes you on a jour­ney around the world show­ing you beauty in peril. Na­ture is per­fect and al­ways tries to find a bal­ance, be­tween hunter and prey, be­tween abun­dance and scarcity, be­tween warm and cold sea­sons, be­tween feed­ing and breed­ing, keep­ing all forms of life alert.

Around the globe, knowl­edge is avail­able at the touch of a fin­ger, which should give us power to sus­tain and pre­serve our oceans, hence our planet. By tak­ing you, the reader, on this trip around the world in im­ages of at-risk species, we hope to en­cour­age you to stop post­pon­ing the changes, big or small, you can make to­day to­wards a sus­tain­able planet for all life forms. We hope these im­ages mo­ti­vate you to pro­tect what you love, to be the change you want to see!

Whether your wan­der­lust will take you to far­away places ex­pe­ri­enc­ing amaz­ing and hum­bling en­coun­ters, or you’ll just browse through this is­sue, we hope it in­spires you to use your voice even if it’s a si­lent one. To­gether our roar will be so loud that it can’t be ig­nored. We owe it to our­selves, we owe it to the next gen­er­a­tions and we owe it to life!

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