Brazil­ian Guitarfish (Pseu­do­ba­tus horke­lii, Red List IUCN sta­tus: Crit­i­cally En­dan­gered)

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A car­ti­lagi­nous fish sim­i­lar to skates and rays, the Brazil­ian guitarfish is a vic­tim of over­fish­ing and by­catch as var­i­ous com­mer­cial and artisanal fish­eries in its coastal in­shore habi­tat has dec­i­mated its pop­u­la­tion. These fish­eries op­er­ate year-round in the species’ nurs­ery grounds, catch­ing large num­bers of preg­nant fe­males. Found mainly in the south­west­ern At­lantic from Bahia, Brazil to Mar del Plata, Ar­gentina, the guitarfish lives in shal­low wa­ters be­tween No­vem­ber and March to pup and mate, mov­ing to deeper wa­ters for the rest of the year. To save the fish, there is a press­ing need to ad­dress con­sumer de­mand and for laws to be en­acted to en­force more sus­tain­able fish­ing prac­tices.

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