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Tourism Malaysia’s new­est cam­paign, Visit Malaysia 2020, is aligned with the World Tourism Or­ga­ni­za­tion’s mes­sage, “Travel.En­joy.Re­spect”, which en­cour­ages tourists to show con­sid­er­a­tion for the des­ti­na­tions they visit. In light of this, ob­serve the fol­low­ing guide­lines:


Many ma­rine an­i­mals like tur­tles, eels and rays typ­i­cally avoid con­tact with divers. Of­ten, at­tacks arise out of fear, so re­frain from touch­ing any an­i­mals even though they may be within reach. As reef crea­tures are eas­ily stressed, at­tempts to touch an­i­mals can also dis­rupt feed­ing or mat­ing pat­terns and drive them away from cer­tain sites.


Snorkelling or div­ing must be done very care­fully as reefs are frag­ile and eas­ily dam­aged. Avoid brush­ing or scrap­ing corals so as not to dis­turb the thin mem­branes that pro­tect them and en­sure their sur­vival. If char­ter­ing a boat, make sure that the op­er­a­tor does not an­chor within ma­rine park perime­ters, as an­chors cause se­ri­ous dam­age to reefs. Re­frain from lit­ter­ing and do not take home dead corals, as they still play an im­por­tant role in the ecosys­tem.


In gen­eral, ca­sual, light cot­ton cloth­ing like T-shirts and shorts are rec­om­mended.

Nu­dity is pro­hib­ited. No for­mal wear is ex­pected in restau­rants. Be prop­erly at­tired when vis­it­ing vil­lages, towns and re­li­gious sites.

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