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The raf­fle win­ners were al­lowed to se­lect their prize from a won­der­ful plat­ter of seafood from Tau­rus Meats, a great spon­sor of our club, along with other prizes on Thurs­day.

The win­ners were Jeff Rhue, Ray Woods and Der­rick Boyd.

The mem­bers draw num­ber was 54, Ron Fuller­ton, who was not present to col­lect.

Don’t for­get our Christ­mas func­tion is on Novem­ber 22.

Please en­ter your names on the sheet pro­vided.

Mid­week pen­nant — Goul­burn Val­ley:

Sey­mour’s di­vi­sion one team played at home against Mooroopna, win­ning com­fort­ably with all rinks get­ting up, 16-77 to 0-62.

Di­vi­sion three did not fare so well with only one rink up against Hill Top 14-81 to 2-55.

Di­vi­sion five tied with one rink each at Kyabram, 2-32 Sey­mour to Kyabram 12-47.

Di­vi­sion one, Sey­mour v Mooroopna Re­sults: Jenny Kreemers, Gail Krz­ciuk, Rob Bald­win, Dot Dil­lon (s) 26 d W. McGoldrick 18;

Mil­ton How­ell, Lynda Ro­hde, Bernie Dil­lon, Mau­reen Prud­den (s) 27 d M. Jones 23;

Linda Brown, Jenny Ridd, Bill Solomon, Wilma Atkins (s) 24 d B. Ni­chols 21.

Di­vi­sion three, Sey­mour v Kyabram Re­sults: Dilva Grat­tan, Graeme Prime, Jim Bruce, Anne Cas­sar (s) 20 d R. Downs 18;

Greg Quil­li­nan, Der­rick Boyd, Mark Law, Wendy Hut­ton (s) 14 lt M. McGur­gan 40;

Donna Sims, John Hey­wood, Terry Flynn, Barb Plum (s) 21 lt S. More­ton 23.

Di­vi­sion five, Sey­mour v Kyabram Re­sults: Robert Tomkins, Ken Butcher, Noel Pianta, Marg Cal­laghan (s) 19 d R. Wood­cock 15;

Alice Hall, Jan McCarthy, Neal Har­ris, Mar­garet Flynn (s) 13 lt W. Crilly 32. Cen­tral Bowls Dis­trict Sey­mour v Kil­more at home this week lost to their op­po­nents by only five shots in an en­joy­able game.

Sey­mour 4-73 to Kil­more 12-78. Re­sults: Lois White, Carol Har­rop, Marie Maggs, Mar­garet Locke (s) 24 d M. Grind­lay 19;

Richard Maggs, Gla­dys Bur­goyne, Derek Blake­man, Lois Tomkins (s) 16 lt D. Brown 43;

Den­nis Klein, Lyn Meek, Ian Ridd, Di Sta­ples (s) 33 d J. Grind­lay 16.

Satur­day pen­nant Goul­burn Val­ley

Di­vi­sion one was at home last Satur­day against East Shep­par­ton.

The bowls for the af­ter­noon pro­vided great en­ter­tain­ment for spec­ta­tors.

Sey­mour be­ing three down on the last end, with Rob Brown’s rink giv­ing him the op­por­tu­nity to win the game for Sey­mour, did so with one bowl to spare.

Sey­mour 16-102 de­feated East Shepp 2-101.

Di­vi­sion five lost their match 2-50 to Tal­ly­ga­roopna 14-74 with only one rink up.

Di­vi­sion seven played a tight game against Sey­mour VRI go­ing down by two shots, Sey­mour 2-42 to VRI 12-44. Di­vi­sion one re­sults: Graeme Flint, Ken Butcher, Den­nis Klein, Dave Atkins (s) 33 d A. Lawlor 24;

Ian Ridd, Jenny Ridd, Bernie Dil­lon, Ali­son Hall (s) 14 lt A. Hue­ston 30;

Terry Flynn, Dot Dil­lon, Mau­reen Prud­den, Dale Sel­lick (s) 29 d S. Adams 23;

Wilma Atkins, Mil­ton How­ell, Bill Solomon, Rob Brown (s) 26 d M. Trewin 24. Di­vi­sion five re­sults: Jim Stephen, Arthur Mum­ford, Der­rick Boyd, Steve Reed (s) 9 lt B. Ruther­ford 33;

Linda Brown, Graeme Prime, Di Sta­ples, Mark Law (s) 11 lt G. Rowan 34;

Tr­ish Green, Matt O’Sul­li­van, Terry Smal­ley, Eliot Jar­man (s) 30 d R. Ray­lor 7. Di­vi­sion seven re­sults: Lyn Rie­ni­ets, Shane Steven­son, John Hey­wood, Derek Blake­man (s) 27 d W. Flint 19;

Jim Bruce, Anita Steven­son, Vin Hall, Marg Flynn (s) 15 lt P. Stevens 25. Cen­tral Bowls Dis­trict Di­vi­sion one Sey­mour played away los­ing two of the three rinks to Broad­ford 2-54 to 14-99. Re­sults: Don Law­ton (s)14 lt R. Chap­man 42; Shaun Houghton (s) 26 d J. Hinch­cliffe 16;

Jeff Rhue (s) 14 lt D. Ho­gan 41.

Di­vi­sion two also played Broad­ford to lose both rinks. Re­sults: Ron Gard­ner, Tony Lee, Ron Fuller­ton, Lois Tomkins (s) 25 lt J. Brien 33;

Donna Syms, Noel Pianta, Ken Malin, Dot Malin (s) 14 lt J. Fitzger­ald 17;

Bob Tomkins, Alice Hall, Neal Har­ris, G. Quill­nan (s) 18 lt T. Grav­ell 25.

— Toucha Mid­week Pen­nant The Mid­week Pen­nant team trav­elled to Wal­lan to taste their first de­feat for the sea­son. Both teams were un­de­feated be­fore the game and whether or not it was the home green ad­van­tage could be de­bat­able.

The Sey­mour VRI team gained one point for a drawn rink and lost the other two rinks by a to­tal of 17 shots.

Sey­mour VRI 1-58 lost to Wal­lan 15-75.

Greg Jones’ rink played a com­pet­i­tive game hold­ing a slight lead for some of the game and tak­ing the lead af­ter the 14th end, then be­ing five shots up at the 22nd end, ex­pect­ing a good run home, the op­po­si­tion scored six shots on the next two ends to leave the VRI rink one shot short, but sal­vaged the one shot on the last end to force a drawn game.

Bill Dawe’s rink be­ing a long way back for most of the game, and only two shots down at the 19th end, could not main­tain the pace to go down by four shots.

Mario Furletti’s rink trailed the op­po­si­tion af­ter the fidth end, but only scored on seven ends for the re­main­der of the game to go down by 13 shots. Re­sults: G. Dixon, H. Flint, P. Rolfe, G. Jones (s) 23 drew with B. Ling­ham 23;

I. Ni­chols, S. Stan­ley, J. Pur­cell, B. Dawe (s) 20 lt D. Lap­pin 24;

I. McBean, P. Del­zotto, I. Cashill, M. Furletti (s) 15 lt P. Glass 28. Satur­day Pen­nant Di­vi­sion one trav­elled the long road to Eil­don to play

Sey­mour VRI

against fourth placed on the lad­der Eil­don. The game was ex­pected to be more com­pet­i­tive than it turned out, as Sey­mour VRI won two rinks quite eas­ily and the third rink was down by just one shot, but win­ning by 48 shots over­all.

The di­vi­sion one team is still in sec­ond po­si­tion on the lad­der al­though win­ning all games played.

Sey­mour VRI 14-104 def. Eil­don 2-56.

Luke Spargo’s rink con­tinue win­ning their games and set the pace to be 21 shots up at the 15th end, scored five shots on the 23rd end to seal a 27-shot win.

Daniel Noo­nan’s rink af­ter a slow start scored 12 shots over three ends to take a 12-shot lead at the ninth end, con­tin­ued with a 22-shot lead at the 20th end, then scor­ing a mag­nif­i­cent seven shots on the 23rd end still held onto a 22-shot win.

Greg Jones’ rink gave their op­po­si­tion an 11-shot lead be­fore scor­ing their first end on the sixth end, but caught the lead by the 11th end af­ter which the lead changed back and forth with nei­ther team hav­ing any ad­van­tage. Two shots up on the 23rd end the op­po­si­tion scored on the last two ends to go down by only one shot. Re­sults: P. Chal­lis, M. Szczykul­ski, W. Noo­nan, L. Spargo (s) 40 d S. Hall 13;

I. McBean, B. Dawe, C. Marsh, D. Noo­nan (s) 41 d R. Mc­Gowan 19;

K. Cain, M. Puppa, J. Pur­cell, G. Jones (s) 23 lt I. Sut­cliffe 24.

The di­vi­sion two team were sched­uled a bye be­cause there are un­even teams in the com­pe­ti­tion.

Goul­burn Val­ley di­vi­sion seven team played their first home game on the No. 1 green against the crosstown ri­val Sey­mour, in a close game where with two rinks, it is ei­ther we win or we lose. The re­sult was that Sey­mour VRI only win­ning one rink by just enough to hold off the op­po­si­tion on the other rink and the end re­sult was a two-shot win.

Sey­mour VRI 12-44 de­feated Sey­mour 2-42.

Peter Stevens’ rink took con­trol of the game af­ter the 11th end, scor­ing 12 shots on four ends and hold­ing the ad­van­tage for the re­main­der of the game win­ning by 10 shots.

Wayne Flint’s rink lost seven con­sec­u­tive ends to be eight shots down at the 18th end. Nei­ther team made any in­roads af­ter that and the end re­sult was that Sey­mour VRI rink were still down eight shots. Re­sults: J. Tuck­well, M. Brett, S. Stan­ley, P. Stevens (s) 25 d M. Flynn 15;

R. King, P. Smith, R. Richards, W. Flint (s) 19 lt D. Blake­man 27.

On Satur­day the di­vi­sion one team travel to Kil­more now hold­ing third po­si­tion on the lad­der in what should be a com­pet­i­tive game.

Di­vi­sion two team hold­ing sec­ond po­si­tion on the lad­der will host top of the lad­der team Kil­more at the Sey­mour VRI green; and the di­vi­sion seven Goul­burn Val­ley team will be sched­uled a bye and re­turn af­ter the Vic­to­rian Open has been played on Novem­ber 24.

The meat tray kindly do­nated by Tau­rus Qual­ity Meats was won by Bob Philp, Sey­mour VRI.

— Two Hats

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