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Dangerous potholes


It would a bonus if the fixing potholes started, as with the rain covering many, it can be very dangerous, it is up to the public to report potholes because they don’t report themselves.

As for the plan to place bike lanes from the Railway Bridge to the top of Anzac Ave, I, like many others believe it does cause some problems, we have cars parking in the usual places and then the bike lanes next, therefore, it virtually leaves one lane for vehicles, does that make sense?

The fact it leaves an accident in awaiting, for example, with drivers departing from their vehicles, and the possibilit­y of a bike striking them, this could create severe injuries.

I suggest many of the public gather a copy of the plan from the library or attend the meeting on September 29, from 9am to noon and voice any opinions.

— Graham Palmer, Seymour

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