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Tribute to the Queen


She didn’t need to listen to the words of Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy.

Respect of all races and religions, service and duty were already in our Queen’s Christian character.

She was there for us through her good times and her bad. All her life she exhibited the characteri­stics of the person we should aspire to be.

She didn’t preach, but led by example. She had that wonderful old-fashion virtue.

If you can’t say anything nice about a person, don’t say anything at all.

As Australian­s, we are lucky to be a part of her family as members of the Commonweal­th, which unites us by shared values.

The Queen was born into privilege, but she never abused that privilege.

She wore a crown with priceless jewels, but the most precious jewel was the person under it.

Her life of service to her God and country is now ended. The world was all the richer for having her in it and a lot poorer for her passing.

Rest in peace, Your Majesty,

— Sandra Morris, Seymour

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