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Shires’ crime rates drop

- By Bianca Hall

There has been an overall reduction in incidents of crime in Strathbogi­e and Mitchell Shires in the 12 months to June. Both shires sit below the state average rate of crime incidents according to the Crime Statistics Agency, which released its annual data last week.

The criminal incident rate for Mitchell Shire was 4499.7 per 100,000 people. This is under the Victorian average rate of 5177.9.

In Mitchell Shire, total criminal incidents have been steadily decreasing since 2020.

Mitchell Shire’s crime rate is now back to below pre-2016 levels. Data from the year of 2016 observed a sharp 31.1 per cent increase in crime across the shire.

No areas within Mitchell Shire have seen an increase in any of the five offence subgroups the CSA lists.

Broadford, Kilmore, Wallan and Seymour’s crime incident rates have all decreased from 2021 figures. Beveridge's crime incident rate has remained the same.

Strathbogi­e Shire’s crime rate has been consistent­ly below the state average for the past nine years.

The crime rate in Strathbogi­e has decreased by 15.1 per cent compared to the previous the year.

This year, there were 3521.1 incidents per 100,000 people compared to the 5177.9 state average of incidents.

Despite the overall decrease in crime incidents, the breach of family violence orders is the lone offence subgroup in which the crime rate has increased in Strathbogi­e over the past year.

There were 79 incidents of breaching a family violence order for the 12 months to June compared to 65 for the previous year.

Crime rates have decreased in Nagambie, Avenel and Violet Town but increased in Euroa and Mangalore.

 ?? ?? Right direction: Mitchell Shire’s crime rate is back to below pre-2016 levels.
Right direction: Mitchell Shire’s crime rate is back to below pre-2016 levels.

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