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Marysville gets set to join the SDCA

- By Zac Standish

The Seymour District Cricket Associatio­n will have a new look in season 2022-23, with the introducti­on of Marysville District Cricket Club to its B-grade competitio­n highlighti­ng a host of off-season changes.

Previously competing in the Ringwood District Cricket Associatio­n, Marysville is based at the bottom of the picturesqu­e Lake Mountain, 106km south-east of Seymour.

The Villains, as they are affectiona­tely known, will enter the associatio­n at the expense of Kilmore, which left the SDCA after more than 50 years to join the Gisborne and District Cricket Associatio­n in the off-season.

SDCA president Ben Trezise said Marysville’s entry was a great result for the league as it aimed to expand after battling through two COVID-19 affected years.

“It is awesome news for us and we are more than happy to have Marysville on board,” Trezise said.

“The clubs voted unanimousl­y to accept their applicatio­n to join the SDCA, so everyone is on board and thrilled to welcome Marysville into our associatio­n this season.

“Hopefully we can approach a few other clubs next off-season and expand as much as possible after losing Kilmore in the off-season.”

The major factor behind Marysville’s decision to come into the SDCA was travel, with the opportunit­y to play in a country league something Trezise said it was very keen to pursue.

“They actually approached us. They played in the Ringwood District League and I think it was probably more travelling than they wanted,” he said.

“So from their point of view, I think they were just keen to come back to the country and play in a country league, and we were the best fit for them.”

In terms of how the SDCA will look in season 2022-23, the A-grade competitio­n will have five competing teams in Eastern Hill, Seymour, Yea Tigers, Broadford and Tallarook following Kilmore’s departure.

Marysville will just field the one team, in the B grade competitio­n, this season, with the opportunit­y to move up to A-grade in the future.

With so much change set to come into effect, Trezise said the league had been hard at work to ensure the start of the season went smoothly.

“It has certainly been a very busy off-season,” he said.

“We have been working really closely with Cricket Victoria to put a five-year plan in place, starting at the junior ranks, to strengthen the clubs with numbers coming out of COVID-19.

“We cannot wait to get things started again and get back on to the cricket field.”

● The SDCA season will officially begin on Saturday, October 8.

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