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Do something


After reading in Tuesday’s Herald Sun (October 4) of the unfortunat­e fellow that died from not wearing a helmet on his scooter; maybe, just maybe, the local police could start doing a job they obviously aren’t doing and that is fine the helmet-less pushbike riders and scooter riders of the Shire of Mitchell.

I have written to the police on several occasions about imbeciles in this town.

They aren’t only your kids but also adults who are helmet-less.

Pedestrian­s stepping out on to the road without looking and almost being hit by a car have the nerve to give you the finger, or abuse you and damage your car when you toot.

Every day in Tallarook St alone I see helmet-less riders heading towards Emily St and I have seen police vehicles on many occasions just drive by these fools and do nothing about it.

But as usual it will take a fatality in this town before our public servants start doing their job.

— Mick Crozier, Seymour

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