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One lane a bad road to take


Mitchell Shire is at it again. From the ‘free thinkers’ who purchased a row of shops and smashed them down, a new “masterplan” to narrow the Goulburn Valley Highway (Anzac Avenue).

It was painfully obvious that no-one who travels daily on it would seriously purposely narrow it. Why? Because it doesn’t carry enough traffic.

The plan is being slipped through under the radar, trumpeting ‘community engagement’. Plus, a grand unveiling would go down well next election time.

So, if you want to travel up a one-lane highway at a reduced speed, you are going to hug your elected ones. Plenty of money for this, but not to fix potholes.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

— Ian Carey, Seymour Editorial note: As reported in last week’s Telegraph, Mitchell Shire Council has announced two more consultati­on sessions and clarified that the single-lane option in the Mitchell Shire Anzac Avenue Master Plan Summary is only an idea, not confirmed to go ahead and subject to community feedback.

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