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Seymour FM building impacted

- By Bianca Hall

With its station located at Kings Park, Seymour FM has been impacted by the flooding and unable to conduct its usual broadcasti­ng.

Station president Ruth Yeatman said as soon as they spotted water on the floors through their security cameras they turned the power off and stopped broadcasti­ng.

“At a time like this we need to be ‘on air’! Our tech crew is working hard to source new equipment so we can resume transmissi­on via temporary facilities,” she said.

“With the amount of moisture in the air and on the ground at the Kings Park station, we are very concerned for our equipment.

“We haven’t been able to get in to assess the damage due to the water levels, but we’re pretty sure most items will need to be replaced.

“Any donations are most gratefully received to help us get broadcasti­ng again.

Go to and scroll down to fill in the donation form.

“In the meantime, the good news is, our new radio station at Pollard St is getting closer to completion — and it is as dry as a bone! Reassuring to know we have an alternativ­e home in the making, and soon we will move to higher ground.

“We are most grateful for offers of support from our community radio affiliates and supporters of the station.“

 ?? ?? No transmissi­on: Seymour FM is off-air due to water on the floors.
No transmissi­on: Seymour FM is off-air due to water on the floors.

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