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Levels not expected to exceed Friday’s peak

- By Bianca Hall

The Eildon Weir released 38,000 megalitres of water over 24 hours from Friday afternoon.

The release did not have a major impact on flood levels over the weekend. As it was released incrementa­lly, it did not cause a significan­t rise in flood levels.

Despite not causing a rise from Friday’s 3am record-breaking peak, the release did mean that water levels were slow to recede.

Rescues continued throughout Friday. There was 38 water rescues from the flood’s beginning until Friday.

Water levels remained steadily high for most of Saturday.

Significan­t declines in floodwater levels were seen on Sunday and Monday, with many homes and roads becoming accessible again.

The SES advises people affected by flooding to be mindful of hygiene when dealing with contaminat­ed floodwater and cautious of electrical items when re-entering their homes.

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