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Award open for students with an eye for history

- By Simon Ruppert

Local students have an opportunit­y to develop a deep understand­ing of the Anzac legacy and Australia’s connection to Türkiye - and even visit Gallipoli.

Secondary school students across the state can now be in the running for a 2023 Premier’s Spirit of Anzac Prize award.

Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes announced the opening of the prize - held annually for Victorian students in Years 9 to 12.

Supported by the state government, this year’s prize is a celebratio­n of Türkiye’s Centenary of Independen­ce and the significan­t ties between Australia and Türkiye.

Ten students will be selected to embark on an unforgetta­ble journey to battlefiel­ds and commemorat­ive sites in Türkiye, retracing the experience of Australian men and women at war on the Gallipoli Peninsula and surrounds while learning about the making of the Anzac legend.

The Spirit of Anzac Prize also offers students the opportunit­y to participat­e in a unique educationa­l program that fosters understand­ing and appreciati­on for our nation’s Anzac spirit.

By entering the competitio­n, students can convey their interpreta­tion of the Anzac spirit via written, creative, or digital formats.

Ms Symes said students from northern Victoria are encouraged to seize this opportunit­y to explore the

Anzac legacy and strengthen their connection­s to Australia’s veteran community.

“We’re giving local students from northern Victoria a special opportunit­y to embark on a trip of a lifetime – to learn about the Anzac spirit and the legacy of our veterans.”

To apply or find out more about the prize, visit

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