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Aiming high in STEM studies at Assumption College

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‘Quae Supra Quaere’ — to seek the things that are above — is the Latin motto of Assumption College.

The phrase guides the aspiration­al direction of the college, now in its 130th year, and is held in high esteem in the hearts and minds of students, staff and the wider college community.

Assumption College not only delivers an internatio­nally recognised, innovative myMAP curriculum that supports ‘stage not age’ learning, offering a vast range of subjects and senior vocational pathways, it has announced plans for the constructi­on of a new STEM building on a green-field site within the college.

The new STEM building will augment the Daly Science Wing and incorporat­e general purpose classrooms, science labs for general, biology, chemistry and physics, a STEM specialist area, 3D printing room, office spaces and amenities.

The new STEM & Allied Health Centre will present itself as a significan­t building facing Sutherland St. Its architectu­re will be contempora­ry, with a focus towards energy efficiency and sustainabi­lity.

Pedagogica­lly, the spaces will respond to the college’s educationa­l vision and will complement the delivery of its MyMAP, VCE and vocational pathways, providing

practical and flexible contempora­ry learning spaces capable of adaptation as the college’s curriculum in STEM evolves.

“STEM learning is fundamenta­l to helping students prepare for a resilient and aspiration­al future, both profession­ally and personally,” college principal Kate Fogarty said.

“The world needs more students who have a strong grasp of STEM and who can think innovative­ly about solving the world’s needs.

“Science, technology, engineerin­g and maths are key skills for our future. Having a newly purpose-built space to meet emerging learning needs will allow Assumption College students

to engage their passions on a new level and to begin to think competentl­y and creatively about how they will help build a better world.”

If your child is currently in Year 5 at primary school, the important decision regarding enrolment for secondary school education is fast approachin­g.

Delivered alongside the innovative curriculum at the college are subjects such as high-performanc­e sport, linked with community partners including Liverpool Football Club, Essendon Football Club, basketball, netball and Cricket Victoria.

Students also benefit with opportunit­ies such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award program and a vast array of co-curricular experience­s in dance, debating and photograph­y — Assumption College aims to provide a secondary education like no other, close to home in our local community.

Families are invited to start their child’s secondary school learning journey with Assumption College and are welcomed to be part of its supportive community set in an idyllic, rural environmen­t with outstandin­g facilities, including a new STEM & Allied Health Centre, which is scheduled to open in 2025.

For families that are considerin­g Assumption College, a Marist education, for their child’s secondary schooling, applicatio­ns for Year 7, 2025 close on Friday, August 18.

Limited places have been made available in Years 8 to 12. Applicatio­ns are also invited prior to August 18.

 ?? ?? Pushing themselves: Students at Assumption College are getting ahead with STEM.
Pushing themselves: Students at Assumption College are getting ahead with STEM.

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