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Sharks have bite, even swimming against tide

- By Hamish Donaldson

As a famous fictional fish, Dory once said, “Just keep swimming.”

It’s an exciting time for the Seymour Sharks Swimming Club, with nine swimmers representi­ng the club at the Vic Country Short Course Championsh­ips on August 12 and 13.

Swimming coach Kylie Hunter was proud of her squad’s effort over the weekend.

“Such an outstandin­g weekend for our Sharks given the limited training had by all,” Hunter said.

“(We’re) super excited for the future of the club with some unreal swims done by our under-11 girls.

“All in all, I was so happy with the Sharks this weekend. Attitude, sportsmans­hip, performanc­e and respect just a few things that our kids nailed this weekend.”

Three of the swimmers who competed in the competitio­n had already swum times to qualify for the Victorian Open Short Course Championsh­ip that will be held this weekend in Melbourne.

These achievemen­ts are made all the more impressive given the currents the squad has been swimming against out of the pool.

The Sharks have faced a lack of access to shire pools and no access to long course training, due to flood damage at the outdoor pool.

This also came at a time when the club had limited access to short course facilities when the leisure centre was closed for six weeks due to maintenanc­e.

The club also lost a significan­t amount of equipment that was stored at the outdoor pool to last year’s floods and are still waiting assessment from the insurer.

Odds not being in the Sharks’ favour has not put a dampener on the young and enthusiast­ic team.

Five training sessions a week are available to any young people with a passion for swimming and are guided by coach Hunter.

The club has sponsorshi­p options available and would be keen to talk to any local organisati­on who would like to be involved in getting the tide flowing with the talented squad of swimmers.

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 ?? ?? The Seymour Sharks Swimming Club squad.
The Seymour Sharks Swimming Club squad.

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