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Best episode

“Me­choc­racy” (12.04): the ma­chine revo­lu­tion, Red Dwarf-style, com­plete with bonkers elec­tion cam­paign, Lis­ter get­ting pro­moted and de­moted, and Rimmer’s Yel­low Alert love-fest.

Best im­age

The mechanoid ver­sions of Cat, Rimmer and Lis­ter in “Sil­i­co­nia” (12.02) – even if Craig Charles does look a bit like a tur­tle that’s with­draw­ing into its shell.

Best guest star

Ryan (The Hob­bit) Gage’s camp-as-But­lins faux-Hitler ac­com­pa­ny­ing Lis­ter on gui­tar for “The Happy Wan­derer” in “Cured” (12.01) will never leave your mind.


Film­ing in mechanoid masks for “Sil­i­co­nia” was hard on the cast: Chris Bar­rie was so ill he had to go to bed for three days, while Craig Charles says the sweat was “com­ing out of my eye­lids”.

Best mo­ment

Rimmer and the dry-asever Holly putting a new spin on the “They’re all dead, Dave” gag from the very first episode in “Skip­per” (12.06).

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