Lit­tlefin­ger in Game Of Thrones

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How do you feel your char­ac­ter has de­vel­oped?

So much of what Lit­tlefin­ger is was laid out in the books, so it was al­most about try­ing to hold some­thing back and add a lit­tle shade in each sea­son. The fact that Lit­tlefin­ger’s jour­ney be­came so en­twined with Sansa’s wasn’t some­thing I an­tic­i­pated. Within that, I’ve al­ways tried to show a warmer side. She’s a kid, or she started as a kid. She’s clever. So why would she trust him?

Was much train­ing re­quired to get in shape for Game Of Thrones?

The cos­tume has been so tight-fit­ting that yeah. For about two months be­fore I’d come back ev­ery year, I’ve got on my bike and cy­cled 50-70km rides, maybe three to four times a week up in the Dublin moun­tains, just to make sure I fit!

Lit­tlefin­ger’s shift­ing ac­cent has been much talked-about. What’s your take on it?

I think a lit­tle bit more has been made of that than it war­rants! His be­gin­nings are quite hum­ble, and he’s been work­ing his way up into the courts of the King’s Landing, and pre­tend­ing he’s some­thing else – he does things to wrong-foot peo­ple. I think that’s part of my job.

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