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Cel­e­brat­ing the sil­li­est and strangest mo­ments from the month in TV

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Scari­eSt Scrabble Op­pO­nent Of the MOnth When it gets to this point, it’s prob­a­bly best to let your op­po­nent win (The Pu­n­isher 1.01). rub­biSh cOS­plaY Of the MOnth The Inhumans’ at­tempt at in­tro­duc­ing Swamp Thing marks a new low (1.06).

Se­quelS Of the MOnth The cin­ema in The Good Place (2.06) shows some se­ri­ously weird films.

Kung fu MOve Of the MOnth Rid­dler at­tempts the flying “If I may play devil’s ad­vo­cate...” in Gotham 4.05.

SurgerY MiX-up Of the MOnth “This wasn’t the body part I wanted ex­tend­ing!” com­plains Dibny in The Flash 4.04.

an­i­Mal iM­preS­SiOn Of the MOnth Andy mo­men­tar­ily for­gets that his pow­ers didn’t come from be­ing bit­ten by a ra­dioac­tive tiger in The Gifted 1.04.

re­deSign Of the MOnth Kry­ten knew it was a bad idea to have Star­bug’s new look de­cided by a Blue Peter com­pe­ti­tion (Red Dwarf 12.03).

pOSter Of the MOnth Athena up­dates one of its most fa­mous images to re­flect diversity in the 21st cen­tury in Leg­ends Of To­mor­row 3.04.

crOSSOver Of the MOnth “It is il­log­i­cal for you to re­fer to me as Dave, Trig­ger,” re­marks Rhod-Ni in Only Fools And Star Trek (1.06).

re­MaKe Of the MOnth Out­lander 3.06 made an un­ex­pected visit to Bag End, Hob­biton. Not sure they nailed the look of Gan­dalf.

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