bub­bling un­der

SFX - - The Three Doctors -

The Doc­tor leap­ing through a mir­ror, on a horse (2.04); river Song’s es­cape from the Byzan­tium (5.04); Amy re­mem­ber­ing the Doc­tor at her wed­ding (5.13); the mys­tery lit­tle girl re­gen­er­at­ing (6.02); rory de­mand­ing of the Cy­ber­men, “Where is my wife?” (6.07); the “Melody Pond is river Song” re­veal (6.07); Mels re­gen­er­at­ing into river (6.08); “Good­bye, raggedy Man” (7.05); the death of Danny Pink (8.11); the Pope in­ter­rupt­ing Bill’s date (10.06).

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