Scorn turns its Giger counter to max­i­mum

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If the gam­ing scares on of­fer in 2017 just weren’t “juicy” enough for you, it’s time to go a lit­tle more, er, or­ganic with PC Kick­starter suc­cess Scorn. A unique hor­ror ad­ven­ture from Ser­bian stu­dio Ebb Soft­ware, this grim in­die wants you to lose your­self in a world that even your night­mares haven’t had cheese dreams about.

While re­cent scarefests like Res­i­dent Evil 7 or Out­last 2 de­liv­ered re­lat­able en­vi­ron­ments, Scorn makes haunted hick-filled Louisana man­sions look like Dis­ney­land. In this twisted dream­scape, the walls are coated in mus­cle and flesh. Metal melds with skin and bone ef­fort­lessly to craft hideous ex­per­i­ments in biome­chan­ics. And that’s only the first cor­ri­dor.

Out next year (ini­tially) on PC, Scorn is heav­ily in­flu­enced by the sur­re­al­ism of HR Giger and Zdzisław Beksin­ski. Win­dows are eye-holes, and keys re­quire your in-game hands to meld with items in new dis­gust­ing ways. And while there are weapons to de­fend your­self against the fleshy cre­ations that are un­lucky enough to in­habit this world, these are no or­di­nary AK 47s or Uzis. Yes, even your gun in alive and that means ev­ery reload is a squelchy ex­er­cise in juicy wrig­gling as you pile bul­lets into an arse­nal made of flesh and bone.

Through­out de­vel­op­ment, the team has fo­cused on the idea of be­ing thrown into an alien world and that means noth­ing is ex­plained or high­lighted. “We are not try­ing to push tra­di­tional plot-driven nar­ra­tive. Games are all about in­ter­ac­tiv­ity, so we want to tell the story that way,” ex­plains Ebb Soft­ware’s Nikola Ra­kic. “Each player will have their own ex­pe­ri­ence, and it is quite pos­si­ble to miss some of the events that take the place in the game. The story ut­terly de­pends on the player and their ap­proach to the game – mean­ing it will go as deep and far as you want it to go.” Isn’t that re­as­sur­ing?

Scorn Part 1: Da­sein is out on PC in 2018.

An alien world or the en­trance to the SFX of­fice?

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