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Hail­ing fre­quen­cies are open, and surely there can’t be any­one who didn’t like Thor: Ragnarok? Right?

Jane O’Reilly, email Cate Blanchett was mag­nif­i­cent! Sadly she and Hemsworth spend too much of the film apart to get into what could have been a fan­tas­ti­cally dys­func­tional sib­ling re­la­tion­ship. It was a re­fresh­ing change to see a woman over the age of 40 play such an un­apolo­get­i­cally evil char­ac­ter – one thing the Marvel films have lacked is a big-enough va­ri­ety of fe­male char­ac­ters.

James Daykin, email What an ab­so­lute blast Ragnarok was! Chris Hemsworth showed us what su­perb comic tim­ing he has and Mark Ruf­falo played ner­vous and twitchy ex­pertly. The MCU needs this type of film ev­ery now and again to stop it from be­com­ing too po-faced and re­mind us all of how silly and joyous this thing called life can be.

Steven Leech, Face­book Funny with­out be­ing cheesy, with some great ac­tion and sur­prises. A great an­ti­dote to the dour DC fran­chise.

Shane Rees, Face­book Just what Marvel needs be­fore the sh*t hits the fan in In­fin­ity War. SFX: After Ragnarok, we’re hop­ing for an In­fin­ity War retro­fit­ted as an all-out comedy. If Thanos turns out to be any­thing but an A-grade co­me­dian, it’ll be a dis­ap­point­ment.

Gary Lee Kydd, Face­book The sound­track was the best I’ve heard since Guardians Of The Gal­axy – re­ally suited the movie.

Sara Dodd, Twit­ter Our fam­ily loved it. Doc­tor Strange and “Get help” were high­lights… but it did go a bit As­gar­dians Of The Gal­axy.

James Mor­ley, Face­book A won­der­fully silly film that still man­aged to be se­ri­ous when the story re­quired it.

Kieran Mackay, Face­book I didn’t quite dig the end­ing – it felt cut short and cheesy! But still I loved the writ­ing.

Nanobot72, Twit­ter My fam­ily and I loved it. Nice bal­ance of hu­mour and ac­tion. Su­per­hero films can take them­selves too se­ri­ously.

Martin Horn, email Fun, fran­tic and ac­tion­packed, well writ­ten – get­ting the best out of each of the char­ac­ters, as they bounce off each other through­out – with ref­er­ences to ear­lier Thor/Avengers films beau­ti­fully played.

Bar­bara Row­ley, Face­book I thought the two sto­ry­lines were well bal­anced and that the hu­mour didn’t de­tract from mo­ments of

gen­uine sus­pense. I sel­dom ac­tu­ally laugh in a movie – it’s usu­ally more of an amused smile and per­haps a slight chuckle – but this one drew a few gen­uine belly laughs, the call back to “Help me” be­ing one of them.

Paul Lo­gan, Face­book Never been a Thor fan and hated both the first two Thor films, but this was hands down the fun­ni­est and coolest Marvel movie. Taika Waititi did an ex­cel­lent job as di­rec­tor and Chris Hemsworth was hi­lar­i­ous. Korg was the best part of the whole film though! 11/10 for me!

JediMum, Twit­ter It was all kinds of awe­some! Korg! Lot’s of fun and vis­ually stun­ning! Korg! Great ac­tors play­ing great roles! And Korg!

Dave Jones, Face­book We need a Korg ori­gin movie! SFX: Cin­ema needs more rev­o­lu­tion­ary eight-foot-tall rock mon­sters from New Zealand. Time for a What We Do In The Shad­ows crossover?

Si­mon Ford, Face­book I felt they were try­ing for too many laughs over story, like so many of the Marvel movies. Jeff Gold­blum was per­fect as the Grand­mas­ter, though.

Minced Beef, Twit­ter The fo­cus seemed to be more on hu­mour than the story. Hela felt like she was the B-story to Thor’s es­cape from the Grand­mas­ter. Chris Evans, Twit­ter Way, way too silly – it un­der­mined nu­mer­ous dra­matic mo­ments. Does ev­ery Marvel film have to be Guardians Of The Gal­axy now? SFX: Hang on, aren’t you Cap­tain Amer­ica?

Paul Rees, Face­book Con­sid­er­ing the deaths of so many fa­mous char­ac­ters, the tone seemed odd, and drifted too far into bla­tant comedy.

Steve Mas­sart, Twit­ter I should have re­alised the di­rec­tor was from What We Do In The Shad­ows and steered clear.

FlangeBadger, Twit­ter Ragnarok was a bit like the mid-sea­son comedy episode of a se­ri­ous show. Fun, but the tone jars with the fran­chise. SFX: If ev­ery Marvel movie was as dull as the last Thor, the MCU would have dis­ap­peared ages ago. Best way to fix a fran­chise? Add plenty of bonkers sci-fi. And Jeff Gold­blum.

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#DISCO 2256

Andy Meakin, email We are now halfway into the first sea­son of Star Trek: Dis­cov­ery, and a vo­cal ma­jor­ity seem de­ter­mined to hate on ev­ery­thing it does. And the gripes tend to be weighed down in blind nos­tal­gia.

Ev­ery­one seems to have for­got­ten how aw­ful TNG sea­son one was, how un­sure of it­self DS9 was un­til sea­son three, how En­ter­prise wob­bled through the first two years, or how bland Voy­ager was. Dis­cov­ery’s had the strongest start of all Trek to date. So why the hate?

The tech is po­ten­tially con­ti­nu­ity-break­ing, but come on, this is a secret op­er­a­tions sci­ence ves­sel, so it needs to have bet­ter tech than my mo­bile. In ad­di­tion, maybe there’s an element of En­ter­prise’s tem­po­ral war at play? As for the “holodeck” – what we’ve seen are just holo­gram pro­jec­tions, lack­ing the phys­i­cal in­ter­ac­tion of the TNG holodeck. Con­sider this a pro­to­type.

I’ve seen comments that it’s generic sci-fi with Trek ref­er­ences, but could that not be ar­gued for all Trek to date? How sim­i­lar was DS9 to TNG? Trek has al­ways evolved to tell sto­ries for new

It was re­fresh­ing to see a woman over 40 play such an evil char­ac­ter

au­di­ences. It’s just a shame a por­tion of the fan­base would rather it didn’t. SFX Plus there was a holodeck (of sorts) in The An­i­mated Series, any­way! As big fans of Dis­cov­ery, we couldn’t agree more, Andy.


De­bra Man­ley, email Am I the only one who found Wi­nona Ry­der ab­so­lutely ter­ri­ble in Stranger Things sea­son two? She just stands and gapes at things, then blinks a lit­tle. Also, watch how she smokes a cig­a­rette: it’s like she’s ter­ri­fied of it. Thank­fully lit­tle Noah Sch­napp as Will was stag­ger­ingly bril­liant, so he made up for a lot. Can he be adopted next sea­son, please, so we don’t have to watch any more Wi­nona? SFX I feel I must de­fend my fan­tasy wife of the ’90s by point­ing that some of us love Wi­nona’s con­fused faces. Back off !

#A RIGHT ROYAL MESS Mike Garner, email The more I see of Inhumans (I’m up to episode four), the an­grier I’m get­ting. The royal fam­ily have been ex­pertly cast, but the lack of back­story or ex­pla­na­tion of who these peo­ple are is ru­in­ing that. The series starts an episode late! It seems like there should be a pre-pi­lot episode show­ing why the royal fam­ily are good, and what their pow­ers are. Mak­ing the series feel more Game Of Thrones than The Avengers is good, but dealt with so hor­ri­bly that it’s now a detri­ment. Why should we care about the fam­ily be­ing over­thrown? Maybe it’s a good thing. Why do we care about a woman get­ting her hair cut? This should have been heart­break­ing and im­pact­ful. It just looked like a bully pick­ing on a woman. SFX For a more de­tailed hob­nailed-boot­son kick­ing of Inhumans, turn to p110 .


Ge­orge White, email Read­ing your lat­est is­sue (SFX 293) I was dis­ap­pointed to see the same old choices in your top 50 ’80s SF movies fea­ture. Weird Sci­ence, Goonies, Tem­ple Of Doom, yadda yadda. Some of these films are aw­ful, and there’s no show­cas­ing of more ob­scure gems: Trancers, Night Of The Comet, Bat­tle Beyond The Stars. In the old days, SFX was will­ing to go against the grain and cham­pion the more ob­scure, over­looked films, but now it seems to try to cover ev­ery­thing ev­ery­one else cov­ers. For some of your long-time readers, the ar­ti­cles are get­ting repet­i­tive. I know about sales and stuff, but surely there’s room for cover­age of films, TV series and even ra­dio shows that should be bet­ter known?

SFX That top 50 was the re­sult of a reader poll; there were 139 films on the list to vote for, in­clud­ing Night Of The Comet (0.06% of the vote) and Bat­tle Beyond The Stars (0.12%). The fact that there’s never been more SF & fan­tasy pro­duced than there is to­day means it’s im­pos­si­ble for us to cover ev­ery­thing, and we’d be crazy not to cover some bighit­ters first. That said, we’ve re­cently run fea­tures on the likes of The Ad­ven­ture Game, Crime Trav­eller and “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” – ar­guably not “what ev­ery­one else cov­ers” – and there are count­less other ob­scu­ri­ties in Red Alert and re­views.


Alas­dair Murray, email In his review of a book about Jim Hen­son’s film The Dark Crystal in is­sue 293, Dave Golder de­scribes it as “still the only major fea­ture film en­tirely pop­u­lated by pup­pets”. Did he miss Team Amer­ica: World Po­lice?

SFX: I think you’ll find those were mar­i­onettes, not pup­pets... Oh, all right, we for­got that one. Have 10 pedant points. Next!

Chris Bent­ley, email Thank you for the gen­er­ous review of my book

Cap­tain Scar­let And The

Mys­terons: The Vault in the lat­est is­sue (293). But could I just men­tion that you’ve mis­printed the di­rect quote from the book? The fab­ric used to make the pup­pet-sized Spec­trum tu­nics was just over half a mil­lime­tre thick (0.55mm), not half a me­tre (0.55m).

SFX This is just the kind of mildly fright­en­ing at­ten­tion to de­tail that earned the book a five-star rat­ing. Buy it, peo­ple!


Mark Hev­ing­ham, email I’m sick of peo­ple com­plain­ing that Blade

Run­ner 2049 is too long. Like most two hour-plus movies, it takes its time and has the co­jones to live in its world for the full du­ra­tion. If you want an 80-minute pop­corn movie go see Adam San­dler!

SFX Don’t go see Adam San­dler, readers. This is never a good idea.

Medium Atomic Weight, email So ex­cited Stranger Things would fi­nally fea­ture on the cover, un­til I found out Eleven was nowhere to be seen. Caught with Eg­gos on your face, SFX!


Or caught with a Net­flixap­proved, non-spoil­ery cover im­age. One of the two.

Owen Hol­li­field, email All the talk about there not be­ing an­other stand­alone Hulk movie be­cause of the poor box of­fice of ear­lier movies has got me think­ing about how we can take Hulk in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion. Tak­ing our in­spi­ra­tion from Aussie ac­tor/ body­builder Lee Priest – the man be­hind the CGI Hulk in Ang Lee’s movie – who in real life is only 5’ 4” tall, how about the next film be­ing about the Hulk try­ing to stay sane and rel­e­vant while deal­ing with his Napoleon com­plex?

SFX “Girls not want date Hulk, so Hulk wear shoes with heels. Then Hulk learn to love self and achieve state of equa­nim­ity.” Nah, can’t re­ally see it my­self...

The boys fought over who could wear Hela’s antlers first.

The crew went to the at­tic to search for some more spores.

Rick Mo­ra­nis is sad that no one voted for Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

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