Christo­pher pike’s tak­ing Com­mand as Star trek: DiS­cov­ery seeks out more strange new worlds…

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The Disco re­vival is here! Time for a long-range sen­sor scan on what to ex­pect from sea­son two of

Trek’s lat­est in­car­na­tion.

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In a uni­verse where in­for­ma­tion about up­com­ing movies and tv is usu­ally trapped be­hind an im­preg­nable force­field, Star Trek: Dis­cov­ery re­ally is go­ing where no show has gone be­fore – sea­son two isn’t due un­til early 2019 and we al­ready have a good idea of what it’s about. to boldly know, and all that…

for starters, we’ll be edg­ing closer to the es­tab­lished Trek canon that some­times felt gal­ax­ies away in Dis­cov­ery’s won­der­fully ad­ven­tur­ous first year. “we’ve never been tempted to say, ‘screw it, we’re do­ing our own thing,’” ex­plains co-cre­ator and new showrun­ner alex Kurtz­man. “how­ever, we are con­stantly chal­leng­ing our­selves in the writer’s room with, ‘how can we push re­ally hard against the edges of what canon is with­out break­ing it?’ that means things like com­ing up with the spore drive, which ob­vi­ously never ex­isted be­fore Dis­cov­ery, and why spock never men­tioned his sis­ter. so we will be sync­ing up with canon and we will be an­swer­ing those ques­tions, and hope­fully, by the time you get to the end of the sea­son, you’ll un­der­stand why all those things have never been dis­cussed.”

sea­son one ended with Dis­cov­ery re­ceiv­ing a dis­tress sig­nal from the uss en­ter­prise while en route to pick up a new cap­tain. we now know that Christo­pher Pike, Kirk’s pre­de­ces­sor on the en­ter­prise bridge, will as­sume com­mand of the Dis­cov­ery, lead­ing the crew on a mis­sion to in­ves­ti­gate some mys­te­ri­ous alien sig­nals.

“what i love about Pike is that he’s a man who is very kind, who has tremen­dous author­ity and yet can still apol­o­gise when he’s wrong,” says Kurtz­man. “in many ways he’s the op­po­site of Lorca. and ton­ally, now we’ve got­ten to a place where, even though the stakes are still very high, there’s more down­time, which al­lows for more hu­mour and al­lows for a slower, onion-layer pulling-open of char­ac­ter. i feel ton­ally it’s prob­a­bly a more buoy­ant sea­son, even though there are some episodes that are very, very se­ri­ous and in­tense.”

WHat’S UP, SPock?

it’s also been con­firmed that michael burn­ham’s adop­tive brother spock, who’s some­how con­nected with those alien sig­nals, will be mak­ing an ap­pear­ance this year; that Pike’s first of­fi­cer “num­ber one” (a role orig­i­nated by ma­jel bar­rett) will be played by re­becca romijn; and that Dr Cul­ber will some­how be back in the show – de­spite hav­ing had his neck snapped by ash tyler. “my neck feels fine!” laughs actor wil­son Cruz. “i won’t go into the de­tails of the whys and the hows,” teases Cruz’s on-screen part­ner an­thony rapp (Paul stamets), “but it’s in­spired by the real science that the real Paul stamets, a my­col­o­gist, has to say about the na­ture of mycelia and how it in­ter­acts with mat­ter in the uni­verse.”

and even though tyler and his Klin­gon tor­turer/lover L’rell were left be­hind on the Klin­gon home­world, we will be see­ing more of her ef­forts

we will be sync­ing up with canon and we will be an­swer­ing ques­tions

as Chan­cel­lor to unite her peo­ple and up­hold her men­tor t’Ku­vma’s vi­sion. “[sto­ries] are go­ing to in­ter­weave,” says Kurtz­man. “each char­ac­ter has their own story. some of those sto­ries func­tion on Dis­cov­ery and some of those sto­ries func­tion out­side Dis­cov­ery.”

we’ll also be learn­ing more about science of­fi­cer/sec­ond-in-com­mand saru and the preyed-upon Kelpien race. “we do visit my home planet,” re­veals Doug Jones, who plays saru. “we’re go­ing to meet some of my fam­ily. we’re go­ing to find out where saru comes from, how he be­came what he is, why the fear and who’s the predator? all those things are go­ing to come into play.”

in fact, fill­ing in holes in the canon seems to be one of the prime di­rec­tives this year, with sea­son two pre­ceded by four “short treks” – 10-15 minute stan­dalones that will delve deeper into lore, with episodes promised on tilly, saru and harry mudd. that can only mean more clues for the at­ten­tive Trek fans who man­aged to pre­dict both tyler’s Klin­gon her­itage and Lorca’s murky past.

“i think we live in a world now where the en­tire game of the in­ter­net is to try and sec­ond guess ev­ery choice that ev­ery­body makes on any show, and that’s just a given,” con­cedes Kurtz­man. “i think for us, last year, while we started see­ing peo­ple guess­ing cer­tain things on­line, they didn’t guess how we were go­ing to do it. so i don’t think it’s ter­ri­ble that peo­ple spec­u­late and maybe even get close to the truth. be­cause they’re still not go­ing to get the ex­act truth and they’re still go­ing to be sur­prised by how we re­veal it!”

It was a bad time to for­get her pass­code.

The uni­form vote proved that blue was in­deed the crew’s favourite colour.

Hang on, whose idea was the evening stroll?

Cap­tain Pike strikes a pose in a fa­mil­iar colour.

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