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They watch us, with their black, un­blink­ing eyes. What do they want? Tell us!

No won­der the King of the Mon­sters spends so much time stomp­ing sky­scrapers when we mock his might­i­ness with the likes of this Godzilla Mys­tery Minis three-pack (FPI price £8.99; prod­uct code H9172). Each set fea­tures a reg­u­lar ’Zilla, a flam­ing ver­sion, and a vari­ant con­cealed in a blind box (as you can see, we got grey). If it wasn’t for the poin­ti­ness of his dor­sal spines, these would be fit for five-year-olds, so we don’t blame him for glar­ing.

Show us what you got! Com­mem­o­rate the time Rick and Morty saved the Earth from gi­ant heads forcibly en­ter­ing Earth in a cos­mic X Fac­tor com­pe­ti­tion (to the death) with the first of these glass steins (FPI price £12.99 each; prod­uct codes AE2350, AE2349) – it bears the words “Get Sch­wifty” in hon­our of the song that would have got the heads’ feet tap­ping. If they had any. Then cel­e­brate the time Rick turned him­self into a gherkin to get out of a fam­ily coun­selling ses­sion with the Pickle Rick de­sign. PICKLE RIIIIIIIICK!

Lego’s stylised fig­ure range fur­ther ex­pands with these two Stars Wars Brick­headz (FPI price £9.99 each; prod­uct code H8633). Piec­ing to­gether ei­ther Darth Vader (55 pieces) or the Stormtrooper (56 pieces) should keep you out of trou­ble for about 20 min­utes. Hermione from Harry Pot­ter is another re­cent ad­di­tion to the range. Can we sug­gest a Slab­headz spin-off fea­tur­ing Eng­land cen­tre de­fender Harry Maguire? Okay, okay, enough foot­ball ref­er­ences…

We’re a bit sur­prised Funko haven’t hit upon the ob­vi­ous money-spin­ning for­mula with these Ant-Man And The Wasp Pop! vinyl fig­ures (FPI

price £9.99 each; prod­uct codes AE2075, AE2076). Why fill up the box with 9cm of costly plas­tic when you could flog fig­ures just a few mil­lime­tres high and jus­tify it as au­then­tic? Any­way, here we have springy-necked bob­ble-heads of a suited-up Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne; the range also in­cludes Ant-Man, the Wasp, and new vil­lain Ghost.

Hon­estly, we get the need for a hip flask. If we lived in a world where mon­strous giants could crash into town at any mo­ment and eat half your fam­ily, we’d be swig­ging back a lot of hard liquor too. This At­tack On Ti­tan sea­son two alu­minium hip flask

(FPI price £14.99; prod­uct code AE2351) is em­bla­zoned with the feath­ered crest of the Scout reg­i­ment, so you can look just as haunted and badass as you drink from it. It also comes with a fun­nel so you can avoid any em­bar­rass­ing spillages while be­ing hard as nails.

The noughties pro­toSu­per­man show earns the Funko treat­ment with this new range of Smal­lville Pop!

vinyl fig­ures (FPI price £7.99/£9.99 each; prod­uct codes H7877, H7878, H7941). Clark’s cap­tured mid-iconic-shirt-rip, which places him in the clos­ing mo­ments of the show’s fi­nal episode – re­mem­ber how long we waited for a glimpse of that su­per-suit? Lex Luthor’s a gun-wield­ing vi­sion in white, and Green Ar­row tries to look badass while rock­ing some ’50s Riviera star­let shades. Also avail­able: Lois Lane and a shirt­less Clark.

Some­times we dream of be­ing like the Winch­ester broth­ers – tall, mus­cu­lar, handy with a scythe… Sorry, we were say­ing? We lack their pro­tec­tive tat­toos too, but by drink­ing from this Su­per­nat­u­ral

anti-pos­ses­sion glass (FPI price £10.99; prod­uct code AE2352) we can at least stop wor­ry­ing about pesky demons tak­ing over our body for as long as it takes to neck a glass of squash. What a re­lief. And its sturdy weight and punchy colours are very punk.

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