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Former Young Ones Nigel Planer and Adrian Ed­mond­son team up for Vul­can 7

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nigel Planer and adrian ed­mond­son have co-writ­ten a new play to­gether: Vul­can 7 sees two ac­tors who were at RADA to­gether re­united on a film fea­tur­ing the Ro­man god of fire.

“Adrian is Gary Sav­age, who’s play­ing a ‘Ther­mi­don’ – Vul­can has a bunch of them in at­ten­dance,” Planer tells Red Alert. “Gary was the young star who went off and starred in Scors­ese movies. Now he’s back in Eng­land, washed-up and al­co­holic. I’m Hugh Delavois, who plays Vul­can’s but­ler. He’s been in all the Vul­can films, and is more of a bor­ing ac­tor. They’re both pretty sad char­ac­ters, and still bick­er­ing 40 years later. It’s about what hap­pens to ac­tors when you get a bit older.”

The play’s set en­tirely in­side a Win­nebago on the side of an Ice­landic vol­cano, as the shoot slowly slides into dis­as­ter.

“They lose the di­rec­tor up on this glacier,” Planer ex­plains. “The vol­cano’s bur­bling and might be ac­tive… it gets more and more dan­ger­ous to be there, which is a metaphor for the im­pend­ing doom of their lives!”

This is the first time the two have writ­ten to­gether since a live tour of The Young Ones in 1983. “Even if you don’t see each other for years you pick it up,” Planer ob­serves. “Learn­ing my lines, I come to a bit and think, ‘Oh that’s good – did I make that up or did he?’”

One thing def­i­nitely is Planer’s do­ing, though: the fact that it’s Ed­mond­son who’ll look like he’s suf­fered four hours of make-up.

“I made sure of that,” Planer laughs. “It does come off – you can’t do a whole play with­out see­ing your face. But yes, he’s hope­fully go­ing to look like a com­plete twat! That’s why I chose the but­ler!” IB

Vul­can 7 opens in Guild­ford on 19 Septem­ber, then vis­its Cam­bridge, New­cas­tle, Bath, Rich­mond, Malvern and Ed­in­burgh.

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