The Lord of The rings: QuesT To MounT dooM

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table­top game Games Work­shop un­ex­pect­edly re­turns to the Lord Of The Rings movie li­cence with this pacey game.

Play­ers each con­trol a mem­ber of the Fel­low­ship as they search for the One Ring. Ev­ery turn the Eye of Sau­ron moves to a dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tion on the game board. The player col­lects items while search­ing for the Ring. Once it’s been found they must then travel to Mount Doom and cast it into the flames while avoid­ing their cov­etous com­pan­ions.

That last point is a lit­tle strange. The rules ex­plain the Fel­low­ship’s trans­for­ma­tion into a gang of ruth­less tea-leafs as be­ing the ma­lign in­flu­ence of the Ring at work, but it’s such a core part of the game’s me­chanic that it feels weird and world-break­ing. It’s a shame that there are no rules for co-op­er­a­tive play here.

The pro­duc­tion val­ues are also a mixed bag. The minia­tures are pretty good, cast in gold plas­tic with de­cent movie like­nesses. The board, how­ever, has a bland de­sign. And while there are plenty of dif­fer­ent event and item cards, they largely feel like vari­a­tions on the same few themes. It’ll make a fun enough present for fans, and is easy for young gamers to get to grips with, but it’s not par­tic­u­larly prrrecioussssss. Will Salmon

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