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RE­LEASED OUT NOW! 1983 | 18 | Blu-ray

What if Christo­pher Lee’s corpse was stolen by fans, then he came back to life? Oh, and he was a mur­derer? Also ti­tled The Hor­ror Star, this slasher-era prod­uct’s nos­tal­gic for an older era. It has some neat ideas, like an au­to­mated, booby-trapped mau­soleum. DOP Joel King (cam­era­man on Car­rie) makes it look at­trac­tive. And star Ferdy Mayne serves up de­li­cious ham. But a lack of in­ter­nal logic means none of it re­ally hangs to­gether.

Ex­tras Three com­men­taries by journos; three in­ter­views; gallery; trailer. Ian Ber­ri­man

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