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When we spoke to Clau­dia Kim, the iden­tity of her char­ac­ter – Vol­d­er­mort’s fu­ture snake fa­mil­iar in the Harry Pot­ter saga – was still un­der wraps. Which prob­a­bly ex­plains why she wasn’t able to say much…

MILLER She’s a new clas­si­fi­ca­tion of be­ing in the Rowl­ing-verse: the Male­dic­tus, who are re­ferred to at one point in the movie – by some­one we don’t like very much – as “un­der-be­ings”. [She’s not an An­ima­gus] be­cause an An­ima­gus is a hu­man be­ing that can trans­form into an an­i­mal at will, but can also trans­form back at will.

KIM That’s the big­gest dif­fer­ence, be­cause my char­ac­ter is cursed to trans­form com­pletely into a beast.

MILLER She will be trapped in that beast body for the rest of her life. I think Clau­dia’s char­ac­ter takes the ini­tia­tive to as­sist Cre­dence in his jour­ney to try to fig­ure out who he is. I think she em­pathises with him. And you know, there’s com­mon­al­i­ties be­tween our char­ac­ters and what we’re go­ing through, in terms of our mag­i­cal af­flic­tions.

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