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re­leased OUT NOW! 2018 | PG | Blu-ray/dVd/down­load

Di­rec­tors Peter rida Michail, aaron Hor­vath

Cast scott Menville, Hyn­den Walch, Khary Pay­ton, Tara strong

The con­sen­sus is that DC has, since 2013, had a pretty rocky ride on the big screen, while en­joy­ing tri­umphs on the small screen. It comes as no sur­prise, then, that the best DC flick since The Dark Knight comes spun-off from a TV show (Car­toon Net­work’s Teen Ti­tans Go!), as the ’toon su­per­heroes try to break Hol­ly­wood.

Tak­ing its cue from the sim­i­larly styled The Lego Movie, Teen Ti­tans rips into ev­ery comic book movie cliché it can fit into its punchy 84 min­utes, from the dra­matic sound­stretch of the vil­lain’s name (al­to­gether now: “Slaaaaaade!”) to cheek­ily mock­ing that bond­ing mo­ment from Bat­man v Su­per­man (“My mommy’s name is Martha too!”).

There’s more concentrated meta here than in a thou­sand episodes of Com­mu­nity, so don’t be put off by the el­e­men­tary an­i­ma­tion: this is clev­erer and more in­spired than any­thing in the main DC movie uni­verse.

Ex­tras The HMV ex­clu­sive Blu-ray has plenty, in­clud­ing a mini-movie fea­tur­ing Bat­girl (four min­utes), a deleted song (pre­sented in sto­ry­board form), a mon­tage of for­eign dubs, two sto­ry­board an­i­mat­ics, a mu­sic video, singalong stuff, and a short live-ac­tion bit show­ing peo­ple dressed as the car­toon char­ac­ters in­vad­ing the Warner Bros lot. The DVD just has the an­i­mat­ics. Steve O’Brien

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