Call Of Cthulhu

In­sane in the mem­brane

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We’ve played with health me­ters and man­aged power bars be­fore, but a san­ity gauge? That’s some­thing new. Play­ing its take on HP Love­craft’s mythos straight, this RPG makes the hor­ror au­thor’s fas­ci­na­tion with psy­chosis its prime focus.

Ship­ping off to the is­land of Dark­wa­ter to solve the case of a fam­ily burned to death in their man­sion, di­shev­elled de­tec­tive Ed­ward Pierce is soon knee-deep in whale in­nards, boot­leg­gers and mur­der­ous oc­cultists.

There are mul­ti­ple end­ings to un­cover, but the real draw of Call Of Cthulhu comes from the jour­ney as much as the des­ti­na­tion. How you an­a­lyse crime scenes, ques­tion sus­pects, and trawl for clues deter­mines the paths you can take through the game. Up­grad­ing Pierce’s per­son­al­ity helps – lev­el­ling his Psy­chol­ogy en­ables you to un­der­stand a char­ac­ter’s mo­tives, while de­vel­op­ing Per­cep­tion means you can spot more clues. More fun comes from read­ing oc­cultist books that in­crease Pierce’s ca­pac­ity to un­der­stand the mythos lan­guage, but it, like many of the game’s nar­ra­tive threads, sends him in­sane. How far you push your PI be­comes as much fun as solv­ing the case in hand.

While there may not be as many choice-af­fect­ing paths as Detroit: Be­come Hu­man, what’s here does war­rant re­peat plays. And there’s a lot to put poor Pierce through, too. Want to es­cape a haunted asy­lum, bat­tle a de­monic paint­ing, and eye­ball an Old One? The choice is an easy one, so long as you have the stom­ach for fish guts and pulp silli­ness played straight. Ian Dean

There’s a lot to put your poor PI through

The game’s based on the RPG (first pub­lished in 1981 and now in its sev­enth edi­tion), and uses the same san­ity sys­tem.

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