Who are the Man­dalo­ri­ans?

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While it was well known in Star Wars fan­dom that Boba Fett wore ar­mour in­spired by the war­mon­ger­ing Mandalorian race, the movies re­veal lit­tle about the res­i­dents of the planet Man­dalore – beyond the Fetts, the only big-screen ref­er­ence is a flag fly­ing out­side Maz Kanata’s cas­tle in The Force Awak­ens.

They are, how­ever, big play­ers in both the Clone Wars and Rebels an­i­mated shows, with the for­mer Darth Maul top­pling peace­ful Mandalorian leader Duchess Sa­tine (Obi-Wan’s ex) dur­ing the Clone Wars – Darth Sid­i­ous even­tu­ally de­cided he had to in­ter­vene – and the planet’s loy­al­ties split be­tween the Em­pire and the Re­bel­lion in the run up to the events of A New Hope.

His­tory aside, they’re most no­table for ar­mour loaded with enough won­der­ful toys to make Bat­man jeal­ous, a de­sign cre­ated to arm its wearer against the Jedi in a gen­er­a­tions-span­ning war. The suit’s a key part of Mandalorian iden­tity, packed with up­grades such as jet­packs, flamethrow­ers and rocket launch­ers that be­come a sort of sta­tus sym­bol when added to its stan­dard­is­sue blaster-re­pel­lent con­struc­tion and tac­ti­cally en­hanced hel­met.

And in canon, it be­comes the in­flu­ence for the Clone Trooper ar­mour which would sub­se­quently evolve into Stormtrooper gear, so the Man­dalo­ri­ans are ac­tu­ally rather in­te­gral to the iconog­ra­phy of a galaxy far, far away...

The Mandalorian ar­mour is stylish and prac­ti­cal.

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